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Channels & Digital








UXP Foundation Essentials with Hybrid Apps 

UXP Foundation Tables and Charts

UXP Foundation Devices

UXP Foundation Live CMS

UXP Foundation Temenos Theme

UXP Enterprise Platform

UXP Enterprise Essentials

UXP Advanced Essentials

UXP Enterprise Team

Digital Engagement



Core Banking







TIM - Temenos Implementation Methodology


Core - Banking Essentials

Core - Account

Core - Cheque and Draft Issue Management

Core - AC Sweeping & Cash Pooling

Core - Arrangement Architecture Loans

Core - Arrangement Architecture Core

Core - Arrangement Architecture Deposits

Core - Multi Company / Multi-Book

Core - Arrangement Architecture Rewards

Core - COB Management  

Core - Process  Workflow

Core - Programming Plus

Core - Fiduciary

Core - Derivatives

Core - Structured Products

Core - Mutual Funds

Core - Financial Accounting

Core - Financial Reporting (GL)

Core - Past Dues

Core - Syndicated Loans 

Core - Collateral

Core - Limits

Core - Wealth Reporting 

Core - Bills

Core - Letters of Credit (Trade Finance)

Core - Miscellaneous Deals

Core - Repos

Core - Swaps 

Core - Future Rate Agreement (FRA)

Core - Money Market

Core - Arrangement Architecture Retail Accounts

Core - Arrangement Architecture Core -  Technical

Core - Collection

Core - Retail Sweeping

Core - Migration (Exam Only)

Core - Upgrade (Exam Only)


 Inclusive Banking




Inclusive Banking Suite – Utilities (Classroom Only)

Inclusive Banking Suite – Business (Classroom Only)

All other Core Banking Courses required for IBS are avaiable online


Islamic Banking



Islamic - Introduction to Islamic Banking Products

Islamic - Investment  Products

Islamic - Investment – Profit Distribution System

Islamic - Finance products

Islamic - Trade Finance

Islamic - Treasury Introduction



Payments - Direct Debits

Payments - Funds Transfer

Payments - Temenos Payment Suite

 Risk and Compliance




Risk and Compliance - IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)


Technology & Architecture







Technology and Architecture Introduction to Temenos Core

Technology and Architecture - Customisation

Technology and Architecture - Direct Connect Driver Oracle

Technology and Architecture - jBASE 

Technology and Architecture - Open Financial Service

Technology and Architecture - Oracle Administration And Performance Tuning 

Technology and Architecture - Security Management System

Technology and Architecture - Administration

Technology and Architecture - TAFJ Temenos Application Framework Java

Technology and Architecture - Core Temenos Connectors 

Technology and Architecture -  Open Connectivity Framework

Technology and Architecture -Temenos Web Services

Technology and Architecture - T- Verify

Technology and Architecture - “Temenos Open Connectivity Framework "- Enterprise Edition

Technology and Architecture - Interaction Data Services

Technology and Architecture -  Integration Framework

Technology and Architecture -  Multi Tenancy

Technology and Architecture - External BPM

Technology and Architecture – Upgrade (Exam Only)

Technology and Architecture – Migration (Exam Only)


Analytics and Reporting




Analytics Product Overview

Analytics Application Navigation

Data ExStore and Reporting Platform

Development Tools and Local Configuration

Advanced Analytics Platform

Advanced Concepts

Application Groups, Data Relationships and Datasets

Application Quick Reports and Custom Reports

Application Pivot Reports

Application Data Manager

Application KPI Dashboard, Info Tiles and Dashboard Hub


Financial Crime Mitigation




Financial Crime Mitigation - Business

Financial Crime Mitigation - Technical

Wealth Suite




Wealth Suite Overview

Front Office - Portfolio Management B2F

Front Office - Portfolio Management Advisory

Front Office - Portfolio Managment F2B

Front Office - Portfolio Management Data Administration and Security Overview

Front Office - Securities Admin & Trading Basic & Advanced

Front Office - Portfolio Management Scripts and Formats

Front Office - Portfolio Management Operations and Positions

Front Office - Portfolio Management Order Management

Front Office - Portfolio Management Portfolio Strategies

Front Office - Portfolio Management Advanced Constraint Management

Front Office - Portfolio Management Advanced Performance Analysis Standard & Attribution

Front Office - Portfolio Management Design Studio Foundation

Front Office - Portfolio Management Design Studio Administration

Front Office - Portfolio Management Design Studio WUI Adaptation

Front Office - Portfolio Management Design Studio WUI Processes

Front Office - Portfolio Management Design Studio OData API

Front Office - Portfolio Management Architecture

Front Office - Portfolio Management TSL Administration

Channels - Portfolio Management B2F

Channels - Portfolio Management F2B

Channels - Portfolio Management Advisory

Core Banking - Securities Back Office - Basic & Advanced

Core Banking - Securities Back Office - Corporate Actions

Core Banking - Wealth Reporting

TTI Functional Concepts

TTI Client and Portfolio

TTI Cash and Securities

TTI Order Management

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