Kindly take note that the R16 Sandbox is being decommissioned due to systematic drops in its utilisation and aligning with the vision of providing future product releases. However, the R16 courses will continue to be available to all members depending on the type of learning packs.


Keep in mind that you have seven live Sandbox provisions via TLC Online available:


  • R19 – Core Banking R19

  • R18 – Core Banking R18

  • R17 – Core Banking R17

  • INC – Inclusive banking

  • R18 DS – Design Studio

  • NEW - R18CAMB – Canadian Model Bank

  • NEW - R19USMB – US Model Bank


We hope the provision of this specialist content enrichment to our TLC Online platform keeps on enhancing your experience within our community. Stay close to future product release cycles!


If you have any queries or require assistance, please reach out to the team



The TLC Team                                                                                            

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