We are expanding Temenos Community Forum (TCF) with our new Developer Conference, Temenos SCALE!

We are expanding Temenos Community Forum (TCF) with our new Developer Conference, Temenos SCALE!


The Temenos Developer Community team are delighted to announce our new Developer Conference, Temenos SCALE, for developers and technology leaders from banks (including our customers and prospects), partners and MarketPlace providers.


Temenos SCALE in a nutshell

  • DISCOVER our API-first technology first hand
  • BUILD use cases with Temenos experts in real time
  • SCALE your thinking around innovation and open banking
  • DEEP DIVE into Temenos software, technology and product roadmaps   

WHEN?: Temenos SCALE will take place at the same time as TCF in Madrid however it kicks off two days prior (27th April) and finishes along with TCF (30th April). By being part of theTCF event, developers will be able to enjoy the size and benefits of the wider Temenos Community Forum whilst participating in an event dedicated to technology and innovation.


WHY: This is a great opportunity for your contacts to get involved with Temenos technology and software. With access to experts, technical talks about our roadmaps, as well as Temenos certification and external speakers from leading technology companies, there is plenty to experience.


WHO is this for?: This is an event for developers and technology leaders from our base of customers, prospects, partners and providers. Individuals likely to be interested in this event are: Developers, Solutions Engineers, Software Engineers, Solutions Architects, Head of IT, Head of Innovation, Head of Digital/Digital Banking, Head of UX, CTO, CIO or CDO.


HOW can you help?: Please spread the word about our new developer conference Temenos SCALE! Where applicable feel free to share the attached flyer with any of your developer and technology/IT contacts who may be interested in attending. Our developer conference is going to be awesome so you wouldn’t want them to miss out!


Temenos SCALE and TCF attendance

Delegates can choose to attend Temenos SCALE or TCF or they can attend both with our All Access Pass. Scale only attendees will not be able to attend TCF main plenary or breakout sessions but they will have the opportunity to watch the TCF Plenary session via Live streaming as well as join the TCF party and mingle with the wider TCF community.


How can you help?

  • Start spreading the word about our Developer Conference, Temenos SCALE!

If you have any questions or your customers have questions contact the developer community team SCALE@temenos.com



Further Resources

  • A brochure in web format about the Temenos Developer Community is available here.
  • More collateral will be added soon so keep watching the Temenos Developer Community channel on Seismic.


Watch out for more information and updates about Temenos SCALE in the coming weeks!


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